The Silk Road Video Assignment

Sign out one of the Silk Road videos on reserve in the library. Hold it no more than overnight. Many of these videos have problems with the sound. Don't sweat it. It is not you or your TV. They just got a bit carried away with the Kitaro soundtrack. Since on many videos you can't hear what is being said, just watch it and pick up whatever audio clues you can. Check out the geographic section covered by the video and put into your memory images of the place.

    •How would you describe this place to someone who had not seen these images?

    •What sort of script should have accompanied the images?

    •Imagine the difficulties of traveling by foot and camel through this landscape.

Choose one of the three prompts to which to respond. Aim your response at a middle school level audience. USE RICH, DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE, VISUAL or AUDIO FORMATS to CONVEY a SENSE of this PLACE. These works should be the equivalent in time and effort to a well-written one-page piece.

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