The Silk Road CD Assignment

Sign out The Silk Road CD. Double click on icon that appears on the desktop. Click the HISTORY icon on the lower left side of the MARKETPLACE screen. Travel through the HISTORY sections in this order: BIRTH of the SILK ROAD, ZEUS MEETS BUDDHA, CULTURAL EXCHANGE and DECLINE of the SILK ROAD. Be sure to use the TIME MAP section.

As you view The Silk Road CD note important places, names, ideas and events associated with the Silk Road that you may use in your research. In the TIME MAP section you have an exceptional tool for visualizing historic change along the geographic contours of Asia. Also, in the CULTURAL EXCHANGE section you have a valuable listing of products and ideas exchanged along the Silk Road. If you haven't determined a research topic yet, this is a good place to get ideas. Finally, the other sections of the CD are excellent as well. This is an exceptional resource that I would recommend you explore more fully at your leisure.

Answer one of the three questions below in a thorough paragraph.

•Explain the advantages offered by a sea route over a land route such as the Silk Road.

•Explain how each of the following four factors contributed to the decline of the Silk Road: the drying up of oases, the advent of Islam, the decline of the T’ang and the discovery of a sea route.

•Explain how classical Greek motifs found their way to Buddhist sculptures and images at Dunhuang.

Also answer the following:

Who were the archealogists involved in the treasure hunt for lost Buddhist sites around the Taklamakan? (These people wrote numerous books about their discoveries and travels.)

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