A Journey of a Thousand Li

Section Authors • the Class of 2001

The Spread of Mind and Body Discipline through Buddhism

    Megan Brooker co-founded Sidekicks, a mentoring program affiliated with Big Brother/ Big Sister, with Kim Stevens. They also researched Zheng He. Megan will be attending Haverford College.

    Alison Smith researched Aurel Stein with Sam Warner and became a big fan of Aurel Stein' dog, Dash. She is an accomplished three-season athlete, is part of the budding legal firm Lo, Warner, Smith. Next year she will study biology at Bowdoin.

    Kim Stevens is a four year state representative at Destination Imagination as well as yearbook activities editor. She co-founded Sidekicks, a mentoring program affiliated with Big Brother/ Big Siste. She worked with Megan on Zheng He. Next year she will studying anthropology at Bowdoin.

    Sam Warner, editor of the BHS yearbook and three-season athlete, will attended Boston College next year. She worked with Alison to investigate the many reincarnations of Dash, Aurel Stein's dog, and is a full partner of Lo, Warner, Smith.

    The Path of the Pagoda:
    the transition of a temple style

    Pat "Little Soldier #1" Buchanan is a martial artist and JROTC officer. He will enroll at the Unviersity of Maine next year to study history and political science. He researched Ibn Battuta with "Little Soldier #2".

    Nate "Little Soldier #2" Dwelley researched Ibn Battuta with "Little Soldier #1". He is a crew member of a rally team. Nate will study new media at University of Maine next year.

    Renee Gravelle, a talented photographer, will attend University of Maine at Farmington where she will pursue secondary education and music. She traveled the deserts of western China with Mariah and Xuanzang.

    Mariah Scee is an accomplished artist. She will study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She and Renee followed Monkey on his journey with Xuanzang.

Gunpowder: a Circular Journey

    Adam "Frankie" Kinney, a sax player often on the receiving end of standing ovations, worked with Tim on the journey of Fa Xian. He will continue his applause garnering ways at Bowdoin, studying physical science and music.

    Tim Lo, followed Fa Xian with Adam as well as leading several Lo, Warner, Smith cases on student rights. He will study economics and political science at Bentely College.

    Andy "Little Soldier #3" Tarr, will pursue computer science at the University of Maine. He researched Zhang Qian with Kris.

Tang Cosmopolitanism: the Silk Road in Poetry

    Rebekah Devino is co-editor of the Lit House, BHS's literary journal, and a contributor to the RamPage, the school's newpaper. She will attend the University of Maine to study English and education. She researched Ennin with M' Ho'.

    Ryan "M' Ho'" Morehouse is editor of the RamPage, the school's newpaper. He will continue his studies of journalism and Japanese at Carleton University in Ottawa. He worked with Bekah researching Ennin.

    Kris Nason, researched Zhang Qian wih Andy. He will attend University College to study adoloescent psychology.