1.  What was the first model of a stupa made from?

2.  What  did the Buddha teach the two men?

3.  What language did the word stupacome from, and what does it mean?

4.  Describe the shape of the Great Stupa at Sanchi, India.

5.  Who designed and built the Great Stupa at Sanchi, India?

6.   When was the Thuparama Stupa built?

7.  What was housed inside the Thuparama Stupa?

8.  In what style and manner were the Anuradhapura stupas built?

9.  Why was the first Chinese pagoda built?

10.  What were the earliest Chinese Pagodas made of?

11.  Describe the shape of  the first Chinese pagodas.

12.  Name two changes to pagoda structure during the Tang dynasty in China.

13.  What materials were new to pagoda construction during the Tang dynasty?

14.  What did the Big Wild Goose Pagoda hold ( 3 items)?

15.  Describe the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

16.  Who helped the spread of Buddhism in Japan?

17.  Who designed the first Japanese pagoda?

18.  What is the name of the Buddhist retreat in Colarado?

19. What is housed at the Buddhist retreat in Colarado?

20.  Who built the Peace Pagoda in Birmingham, England?

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