What does a Chinese cat say?

How does a cow say "moo" in Chinese?

Find out the answers to these questions and more with MonkeyTree's first educational film,
"A Chinese See N' Say".

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The actual film is full-quality VHS)

"A Chinese See N’ Say" is a short film (6.5 minutes) on Chinese language. The film introduces several key ideas about Chinese language using the familiar metaphor of the See N’ Say™ toy. Viewers learn that Chinese characters sometimes look like the object they represent. In this case the objects are all animals. They also learn a way to remember Chinese animal names; by the fact that many animals' Chinese names sound like the sounds the animals make. For example, in Chinese a cat is called "mao".

We are not a professional film studio but teachers have found the film useful and effective in their classrooms

Thus far, the film has been shown to a wide range of viewers, children of 3-6 years old, students in the 4th, 5th and 7th grades, teachers of the full spectrum of subject and grade levels, parents, and grandparents. .

"I've seen the film and it's terrific! Well worth the $10.
Gracie Burke, Director of Languages
Milton Public Schools
Milton, Massachusetts

"The students absolutely LOVE the video! It is so professional!"
Lori Patterson, Librarian
Asa Adams Elementary
Orono, Maine

"A Chinese See N' Say" is a quick and effective introduction to Chinese language and some of its most interesting features; a learning opportunity for anyone who has ever played with a See N' Say.

A Chinese horse is called "ma".

Viewers learn that some Chinese characters are pictographic, meaning that they are simplified pictures of the things they represent. In this case, the character "ma" is a picture of a horse.

What animal is represented by this Chinese word?

Viewers have an opportunity to test their knowledge, using the character's appearance and its sound to guess what animal it represents.

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"A Chinese See N' Say"
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