The following collection of letters written to friends and family while traveling provides some interesting details of journeying in China and Japan. The observations of people and places which I have encountered may be of use and interest to students, potential travelers to Asia and the curious.


An Old Kimono Shop Yamaguchi, Japan July 15, 2001
Welcoming Party Kobe, Japan July 21, 2001
A Japanese Mr. Mague Kobe, Japan July 25,2001
Touchdown in Shanghai Shanghai, China July 28, 2001
Shanghai, China July 29, 2001
The Dusty World Shanghai, China July 30, 2001
A Whole Lot of Slurping Shanghai, China July 31, 2001
Drenched in Old Shanghai Shanghai, China August 1, 2001
Xiu Xi in Xinjiang Turpan, China August 13, 2001
Unwilling Wife of a Bloody Kazak Kashgar, China August 18, 2001
Melon Farming in Kashgar Xian, China August 23, 2001
Chinese Brady Bunch Nanjing, China August 24, 2001
Bikes, water buffalo, sampans Nanjing, China August 25, 2001
Nanjing Cuisine Nanjing, China August 25, 2001
For My Reputations' Sake Nanjing, China August 28, 2001
Paradise City Milo, Maine Autonmomous Region September 9, 2001